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United Queendom Podcast

The UK's premier podcast for Drag Race

Welcome to United Queendom Podcast, hosted by Ed Dyson, Sam Dowler & Charlie Valentine 




"Recapping Drag Race UK is basically a public service."

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About Us

Ed Dyson and Charlie Valentine met while competing - and, let's be honest, totally winning - at the Roast Battle London heats earlier this year. Over the summer the two young (YES, YOUNG, THIS IS OUR BIO, OK?!) gay men decided that there simply weren't enough people in comedy launching podcasts these days... seriously, there's, like, a complete drought, right? So they cooked up the absolutely fabulous idea of United Queendom, a podcast which would recap every episode of Drag Race UK, as well as interviewing stars from the first series - as well as the US series we all know and love - and spilling more T than a clumsy cafe waitress. So far the boys have lined up chats with ALL the UK queens, including Baga Chipz and Cheryl Hole, AND some of the most iconic alumni from over the pond, including Bianca Del Rio and Courtney Act. One day, who knows, we might even get Serena Cha Cha at this rate! But as well as chatting all things Drag Race, Ed and Charlie hope that United Queendom will become a place where gay men, female allies and even straight men (OK, who are we kidding? Note to self: know your audience) can all come and hang out for a laugh, a chat and - who knows - maybe more... let's see how it goes, eh? (ASIDE: I DON'T KNOW WHY WE'RE PRETENDING THAT SOMEONE OTHER THAN US IS WRITING THIS - ED AND CHARLIE.) Come along and join in the fun, chickens! Our time has come! United Queendom! Now, let's click it out! *CLICK, CLICK, Click, click, clic.....*

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"We're not in this for the money. That would be superficial. No. We're in it for the fame."

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Latest Episodes

"Let's click it out!"

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Our Shows

First episode coming October 7th. In the meantime please check out or little trailer below X

"The Gayest Podcast in the UK... nay, the world!"

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"Ed and Charlie are hilarious, their close friends and family have assured them."

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